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**ON SALE** The Human Body - Augmented Reality (AR) Book

By Livit Studios - 2017

Book 1, is a complete gamified journey of the human body. Students can explore all their body organs and functions with an interactive augmented…

The Saviour of Ceylon - The story of Leonard Birchall

By Norflicks Productions Ltd. - 2006

All wars produce heroes but rarely in a global conflict do the actions of one man affect the direction and possibly even the result of the whole war…

AccessLearning Training Video - English Subtitle

By MLM - 2020

Training Video for AccessLearning - English Subtitles

Just Another Tuesday

By Jonny Santana - 2018

A short film based on Aaron Stark's TEDxBoulder Talk, "I Was Almost a School Shooter," in which Aaron talks about  how, after growing up in painful…

Criminal Offender Profiling

By ShortCutsTV - 2020

An area that’s captured the public imagination from tv shows like Mindhunter and Criminal Minds is criminal profiling. But what’s the reality…

Media and Aggression

By ShortCutsTV - 2020

Can we learn aggression from aggressive media? This film looks at experimental, longitudinal and case study research evidence and how social…

Rosenhan: Being Sane in Insane Places

By ShortCutsTV - 2020

This haunting film provides a brilliant summary of one of the most infamous experiments ever conducted in psychology, looking at its origins…

Unmasking: The End of Debate?

By ShortCutsTV - 2020

Based on new work by a Prof Peter Baehr that suggests debate and evidence are being replaced by accusations against individuals and that a great deal…

Participant Observation

By ShortCutsTV - 2019

Some research questions can only really be studied by sociologists getting out of their offices and interacting directly with the people they want to…

Self Report Methods: Interviews and Questionnaires

By ShortCutsTV - 2019

How do school students negotiate the pressures to perform well academically alongside the pressure to popular and cool? Carolyn Jackson combined…

Ainsworth: The Strange Situation

By ShortCutsTV - 2018

While John Bowlby focussed on the consequences of a lack of attachment, Mary Ainsworth took a step back and looked at the nature of attachment and…

Bowlby: Attachment & Maternal Deprivation

By ShortCutsTV - 2018

In the 1930s a young psychiatrist noticed how many of the disturbed children he saw had been separated from their parents in early life. This was…

Insomnia: Causes and Treatments

By ShortCutsTV - 2018

Insomnia', says one of the respondents we interviewed, 'can be as debilitating as a physical injury'. This film looks at the causes of insomnia, the…

Labelling Theory

By ShortCutsTV - 2018

Traditionally criminology focused on criminal action and its control. Labelling theory widened the focus to include the social reaction to crime and…

Mind-Mindedness and Attachment Security

By ShortCutsTV - 2018

Psychologists have long been aware that attachment security may be transmitted from one generation to the next. But how does this happen? A new idea…