Five Simple Words | Peru | Quechua people

  • Grade Level: Junior High (7-9)-Adult
  • Subjects: Law, Rights, Policy & Politics, Culture & Traditions, Environment, Multiculturalism, Religion and Spirituality, Geography, Government, Governance, Identity & Citizenship, Language and Literature, Social Issues, Global
  • Produced By: PVP-DRP
  • Year: 2016
  • Country: Canada
  • Language: English
  • Running Time: 22m
  • Tags:
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Konnected.tv returns to Peru to meet young Quechua activist Tania Pariona and her mentor Tarcila Rivera Zea. Together, they are giving a voice to Indigenous issues on a local, national and global level. Peru is caught up in a wave of environmental conflicts as extractive industries take over indigenous territory. Among those brave enough to fight for the livelihoods of Indigenous communities is Tania Pariona Tarqui. In this episode, we follow the plight of a young Quechua leader who has successfully bridged education with traditional knowledge to fight for Indigenous peoples' rights.

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