Magic Lantern Media signs Durham District School Board to AccessSTEM

January 10, 2014

Toronto, January 10, 2014 – Magic Lantern Media Inc. is pleased to announce Durham District as the first Canadian Board to license AccessSTEM.  The 21st century learning platform creates connections between real-world videos and educational concepts.  Students will discover why they are learning certain subjects and concepts in school, and how they are used in the real-world.

AccessSTEM provides an approach that is cross-curricular in nature, and will dramatically improve student performance.  The tool allows teachers to have access to an incredible resource of performance and literacy tasks from grades K-12 with detailed rubrics attached.

“Teachers are asked to have lessons that are engaging and relevant, cross-curricular, focus on 21st century skills, differentiate learning, incorporate non-fiction reading and writing and provide an authentic assessment of their students understanding.”, notes Doug Connolly, President Magic Lantern Media Inc.  “We are great believers in STEM education and AccessSTEM strives to bring this incredible teaching platform and its 21st century concepts to each teacher and student in a school.”

“All features of AccessSTEM have been extremely well designed with depth and precision, that offers teachers a wide diversity of topics and subjects to select from and which provide the framework for effective instruction and assessment.” notes Sandra McEwan, Program Facilitator, Science/Technology, Durham District School Board.

The common core standard aligned performance tasks, literacy tasks and real-world video enable students to see the relevant of grade-specific topics through real-world careers and themes.  Each of the resources allow students to apply concepts in simulated real-world scenarios, increasing student performance and preparing them for postgraduate study and 21st century careers.

Magic Lantern Media is a leading Canadian multi-media company integrating distribution, production, television and digital applications serving the education and broadcast industries. The company operates from offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Saint John, with over 50 agents and representatives worldwide.  Distribution Access, the educational division for Magic Lantern Media, currently operates AccessSTEM as well as the resources, and AccessLearningCollections.

For more information contact:

Brad Schroeder, Business Development
Magic Lantern Media
T: 416-363-5681