Magic Lantern Media Inc., brings AccessLearning and JobsPeopleDo to British Columbia Educational Resource Acquisition Consortium members

July 24, 2015

Toronto, July 22, 2015 – Magic Lantern Media Inc. finalizes a renewal to bring its Canadian Visual Library and Career Research Sites to British Columbia Educational Resource Acquisition Consortium members for 2015/2016 school year.

ERAC (Educational Resource Acquisition Consortium) is a cooperative member based organization in British Columbia. Its members now have various bundles of Distribution Access services available to them for the school year starting in September 2015.

The AccessLearning subscription for streaming of Distribution Access’ award-winning Educational Videos is available in 3 customized configurations: Kindergarten to Grade 7, Grade 8 to Grade 12 and Kindergarten to Grade 12. Each configuration has grade-specific titles to ensure a focused library of content is made available to all of the teachers, schools and students as each of the EERAC districts subscribe.

We are also thrilled to offer as either a stand-alone subscription or as a bundle with AccessLearning. JobsPeopleDo is a Canadian-developed career research resource for students that want to discover their future pathways. It is an excellent Bilingual site for students to explore the over 700 job videos along with over 30 student-written articles written each month, scholarship pages, TRADES features, Community Pathway, First Nations integrated content and a listing of all the Canadian Universities, Career Colleges and Colleges.

Magic Lantern Media is a leading Canadian multi-media company integrating distribution, production, television and digital applications serving the education and broadcast industries. The company operates from offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Saint John, with over 50 agents and representatives worldwide.

For more information contact:
Brad Schroeder, VP Business Development
Magic Lantern Media
T: 416-363-5681