Jobs People Do Inc. Launches New Resources for Elementary Students and Teachers

October 21, 2013

Toronto, ON – October 21, 2013 - Jobs People Do Inc. and Distribution Access, a division of Magic Lantern Media and Canada’s leading distributor of educational video content to schools and students, are happy to announce that now provides information and resources to elementary-aged students and their teachers.

The new Elementary section on will provide students in Grades K-8 with invaluable information about careers in a way that is fun and easy to understand. By capturing their imagination with short, punchy articles and speaking in the voice of their peers, Elementary students will be exposed to a myriad of career options at a young age.

“Our new Elementary page will allow younger students to see over 600 jobs ‘in action’, thanks to our extensive career video library”, says Gale Blaylock, Creator and Senior Vice President of Jobs People Do Inc. “Students are expected to have chosen a career by Grade 10, and by allowing them to see career options that they did not even know existed while they are still in Elementary school will help to provide them with inspiration . Our Elementary-focused page will ensure students find something that they resonate with and will give them the opportunity to identify their innate skills and aptitudes at an early age.”

In addition to articles and career information geared towards Elementary students, is proud to provide activities for the teachers of these students to help guide them on their path to career discovery. “Our Elementary Activities page gives teachers the tools to walk with their students along that path to self discovery,” says Blaylock. “Showing young students that they can be whatever they want to be, and finding their true calling, is very important to us here at Jobs People Do.” is accessed by thousands of students across Canada every day that are looking for career guidance, and the addition of the new Elementary page will expand its reach even further. is available in English and French so students can access all of the content in their preferred language.

About Magic Lantern Media Inc.:

Magic Lantern Media Inc. is a leading Canadian multi-media company integrating distribution, production, television and digital applications serving the education and broadcast industries. The company operates from offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Saint John, with over 50 agents and representatives worldwide.

About Jobs People Do:

The website is designed for the 1.8 million plus Canadian students in elementary school and ages 12-18 who are required to identify career choices that interest them and select the appropriate academic requirements needed for a career in that chosen field.

About Distribution Access:

Since 1997, Distribution Access has been providing schools, libraries, businesses, community organizations and life-long learners with award-winning multi-platform productions on a wide variety of subjects.

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