Jobs People Do Inc. Launches French Language Site and Expands Further with Elementary School Section

October 1, 2013

Toronto, ON – October 1, 2013 – Jobs People Do Inc., in conjunction with Distribution Access – Canada’s leading distributor of educational video content to schools and students – is proud to announce the launch of its French language site. will now supply fully bilingual editorial content to students across Canada, including job profiles, volunteer information and scholarships.

Gale Blaylock, creator of, says, “The addition of the French sister site is another exciting milestone for Jobs People Do. We are immensely proud of the work we do to bring career advice and information to thousands of students across Canada every day, and now we can speak directly to each of them in their preferred language.”

In addition to a French version of the popular website, has recently expanded to include informative, fun and educational pieces geared towards students in elementary school. This section aims to provide students in Grades K-8 with advice on transitioning to high school and to help give them a glimpse of what is to come in the years ahead. Editorial pieces that focus on dream jobs, from astronauts to singers, will also be featured.

“It is important to engage students from a young age, helping to guide them on their path to happiness and success,” says Blaylock. “Providing them with information in elementary school that captures their imagination and encourages them to dream big will let them develop their innate skills and abilities. With our new elementary section, Jobs People Do will lend a hand in helping kids to become their truest selves.”

Together, Jobs People Do Inc. and Distribution Access have worked to build the website into the biggest and best career information destination for students across Canada. With these recent additions, is poised to expand its reach even further.

About Distribution Access:

Since 1997, Distribution Access has been providing schools, libraries, businesses, community organizations and life-long learners with award-winning multi-platform productions on a wide variety of subjects. The company operates from offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Saint John, NB, with over 50 agents and representatives worldwide.

About Jobs People Do:

The website is designed for the 1.8 million plus Canadian students in elementary school and ages 12-18 who are required to identify career choices that interest them and select the appropriate academic requirements needed for a career in that chosen field.

For more information contact:

Tony Spagnoli
Distribution Access/JobsPeopleDo
T: 416-363-8658